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We really do love the life in Bali. Everything here is different, more relaxed, less stressed and you meet plenty of smiling faces every day. If it seems to you, that it's a bit unreal bubble world, well then you’re probably right.
But to be honest, we live here fully, we live more "here and now" and we are simply happy. Each day brings us new situations and new people who might be a bit of inspiration or maybe a kick to make us move forward and get better.
One of such people is our very close friend Bóďa. Do you know that feeling, when you meet someone new and you feel like you've known them for years? Well, that’s exactly how I feel about Bóďa. It's not really possible to explain why is that so, I guess. But I believe that everything is happening to us for some reason, and I know that everyone who comes into our lifes, is there to teach us something, to give us a lesson. And that’s Bóďa for me in my life.
Besides being a great surfer and instructor of yoga (Chilli Bali oves surf and yoga), Bóďa is also the founder and soul of the MalaBo Soul Jewelry. As Bóďa says herself, it’s not just fashion accessories, but the spiritual jewelry and that’s the truth. Her work is focused on malas, bracelets and earrings and all of it handmade in India at the foot of the Himalayas. For the jewerly she uses only pure natural mineral stones, gemstones and rudraksha seeds, because she believes in power of their natural energy. Every piece of MalaBo is blessed in the sacred river Ganga, so their spiritual strength could enter and nourish our souls.
We at Chilli Bali are very grateful and honoured to be part of the latest MalaBo collection and to participate in the creation of the jewelery itself as well as in its campaign shooting. It was a beautiful experience for us and MalaBo is part of our soul. Welcome to the world of MalaBo ...



Chilli Bali Wood villa

our wood house project just finishedlive in the wood

Chiilli Wood House Canggu, Pererenan

making something new. recycling old wood house, making new onenew projekt in Bali by Chilli

Choose your taste: Bali Buda

Bali Buda - real food by real peopleChilli Bali food guide to the best restaurants in Bali

Drone movie for Villa Taman Kebo, Canggu, Bali

Come and enjoy your stay with us.  Fully serviced villa in the middle of balinese village Pererenan, just 1km from Echo beachlooking for a nice place to stay in Bali - this is it - 3 bedroom villa in Perereanan

Wedding ceremony Bali

planning on getting married in Bali? we are not Wedding agency but we can help you with all official documents or just to prepare a unofficial wedding ceremonyChilli Bali offers wedding services from decoration to choosing the right priest according to your religion

Housemaster for summer 2017

maybe next year...2018... Position for 2017 already taken / Chilli Bali is searching for a housemaster

Chilli Bali

Chilli Bali

Just prefect solution for all travelers, surfers and Bali island explorers - send us your idea, we send you back perfect plan

Happy to help with accomodation in Taman Kebo villa, Chilli Bali villa and also doing programs, trips, adventure tours, surf camps, surf lessons, motorbike rentals, air port pick up or car rental and all other services linked with traveler´s needs in Indonesia.

Accomodation in villas in Canggu, Pererenan:
1/ Chilli Wood Villa - elegant design villa with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2x AC, wooden type of house, open plan living and pool, fully serviced 
price per night USD 100
2/ Taman Kebo villa - 3 bedrooms villa in traditional style, swimming pool, fully serviced all day, night guard, food delivery on request
price per night: USD 150
3/ Chilli Bali - 3 bedrooms villa with 3 en-suite bathrooms, AC and king size bed, spacious outdoor living room and garden, self catering, no service, possibility to book just a room in this villa
price for whole house: USD 85 / night, rooms USD 30 / night

All villas are located in the heart of traditional balinese village Canggu / Pererenan just 800 - 1000m from Pererenan / Echo beach. 

Area - Canggu / Pererenan
There are several surf spots in Pererenan you can reach in 2 - 5 mins. From the begginers is perfect Batu Bolong beach, intermediate surfers find Berawa or Pererenan perfect spot to improve surf skills and world famous spot Echo beach with barells and fast short breaks. 

Our sevices:
- airport pick up
- accomodation in beautifull Chilli Bali villa in Canggu / Pererenan
- surf lesson / surf guide / surf camps
- surf board rental
- car / motorbike rental
- tours / trips / guiding

to find out more or book your villa or room, send us an email:

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